Covid 19 Postcard Set - Set of 25 Corona Virus Postcards - Created from the CDC's Covid-19 posters

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A set of 25 Corona Virus postcards - Created from the CDC's Covid-19 posters. This pack was designed to capture this global event we are all living through together. Keep them for yourself or send them around, these post cards will be an oddity for generations to come.

This high quality set of 25 postcards will arrive sealed in plastic, each card features a postcard back, just slap a stamp on it and its ready to be mailed anywhere on earth. This postcard set is also great for scrapbooking, collage artwork or hanging on your wall as wall art. Each post card is a mini print fill your life and mailbox with art

-Each post card measures 6" x 4"
-Set contains 25 post cards - One of each
-Ideal for collectors, Postcrossing, scrapbooking, postcard exchange projects, or just sending a note to a friend
-Printed in USA
-High quality paper stock